It’s The Fuel Price At The Pump, Stupid!

Representing the largest constituency in the North East, SNP MSP Dennis Robertson condemned the coalition at Westminster for ignoring rural communities in Scotland once again. Despite calls from the Scottish Government, SNP MSPs and MPs with cross-party support in Scotland, Chancellor George Osborne announced today that the 3.02 pence per litre fuel duty increase will take effect on 1 August as planned.


Following the budget announcement NFU Scotland Chief Executive, Scott Walker, said:


“We are disappointed that the usual rise in fuel duty of just over 3 pence per litre is going ahead in August – even as oil prices continue to rise. This is a blow to all those living and working in rural areas for whom a car is a necessity, not a luxury.

“There is little in today’s budget that will have a direct and immediate on Scottish agriculture.”


NFU Scotland stressed the importance of tax-related issues to the health of the food and farming industries and had called for a reduction in fuel duty pointing out that transport and haulage are particularly important for Scottish farming.


Mr Robertson, member of the Rural Affairs Committee, added:


“Fuel tax is geographically regressive said a Tory MSP this week, Liberal Democrat MPs in Aberdeenshire and in the Highlands should know better than to support George Osborne’s Budget.

“I have been campaigning for years for a fair fuel price at the pump for our rural communities; in April 2010, just before the coalition took over at Westminster, fuel price in Deeside was more than £1 cheaper at the pump.

“Once again Westminster has failed farmers, hauliers, fishermen, rural businesses and local people who commute daily to their place of work.

“David Cameron’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, doesn’t get rural Scotland.

“My message to Westminster is clear, the answer to grow the economy is to lower the fuel price at the pump, not to increase it!”